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A Note from Buzz Victor, President

First, let me thank you again for all the support that you have shown for the work of Save Vanderbilt Beach.  I have received dozens of emails since the Board of County Commissioners voted 4-1 to approve Stock’s plans as they were finally submitted.  The emails all expressed thanks and appreciation for what all of us at Save Vanderbilt Beach, the Pelican Bay Property Owners Association, the Naples Park Association, the Regatta, the Trieste, the Vanderbilt Beach Residents Association, and others have accomplished.

Yesterday, the Board of SVB, its consultants, and the representatives of the above-named organizations met to discuss …Read the rest

The Details Below

A message from Save Vanderbilt Beach:



Last evening the Board of County Commissioners, with a vote of 4 – 1, the required super majority, voted to approve Stock Development’s requested change to the County’s Growth Management Plan and the Stock Development zoning request.

By the time this took place, Stock’s project devolved from a single twenty-one story tower containing 300 residential units to a development of 140 residences, less than half his original plan.  The single massive tower was replaced with two smaller ones, each ten stories of residences over two stories of parking.  This is a victory and reflects a development that still isn’t perfect from our point of view, but which much more closely reflects the neighborhood than did his previous designs.  We should all be enormously proud of our work.  The support that we had from our closest advisors and experts to the hundreds of contributors and the thousands who responded to our survey was beyond gratifying.  Our sincerest thanks to every one of you. We will be discussing our future options and activities, and we will keep you informed about our continuing path.


May 2016 Jan 2020 March 2020 March 2021
300 units 240 units 172 units 140 units
21 stories 18 over 2 stories

of parking

16 over 2 stories

of parking

10 over 2 stories

of parking

235 feet towers 208 feet towers 165 feet towers
55.3units/acre 44.3 units/acre 31.7 units/acre 25.8 units/acre

22.6 units/acre

w/ addition of new property



For the citizens of Collier County, the news was not as good.  Apart from Commissioner Penny Taylor, as chairperson of the Board, ran a truly magnificent meeting showing great courage and intelligence as she continually faced down the three “good old boys” and the one new “good old boy.”  Yes, unfortunately it is business as usual in Collier County.  It is beyond comprehension how Commissioner Solis could in good conscience vote to support the project over the objection of more than twenty-one hundred of his constituents who had asked him to deny the application.  Commissioners McDaniel and Saunders who like Solis have a history of voting with developers, were joined by Commissioner LoCastro, the new kid on the block who, himself, had requests from over 400 of his own constituents asking him for a denial.  And so it goes, developers win and the citizens of the County lose. It’s high time for us to find some of our own candidates to run for County Commissioner who will protect our neighborhoods and not the interests of developers.

As for Vanderbilt Beach, this decision, notwithstanding the reduction in the buildings’ height, will lead to the inevitable density creep north along Gulf Shore Drive until someday we have Miamified it all.  The good news is that there is something we can do about it.  The memories of Collier Country residents are long.  Over the next several election cycles we must replace these developers’ professional-politican yes-men with individuals who are beholden to the voters, who have a public service mentality, and who support reasonable and responsible growth throughout the County.

More to follow about our future plans…

(Note: Chart courtesy of Maureen Straight, Naples Park Association)



We’re glad you’re here to help us preserve our quality of life

The two tall towers and the three white buildings are the planned development of One Naples. We hope you agree this is too dense and large, that it is not complimentary to our neighborhood, nor will it allow greater access to the beach for residents.

Please Take Our Survey

We want to give Collier County Commissioners a good feel for how residents feel on One Naples and the level of satisfaction consumers have with they way government business is being done in Collier County.

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New Visitors

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Can’t Join Us? You Can Help Fund Our Effort

The importance of our work is apparent because of the great support we’ve received. So far we have received over $125,000 in donations, far exceeding expectations but not our needs. We would have never thought we would have needed this much simply to make our voices heard, to confront the deep pockets of the developer and his team of lawyers and planners, and to convince the County Commissioners to deny this application as it is proposed.. (Financial Statement Below)

There are 1,100 members of Save Vanderbilt Beach, and we have received donations from over 400 individuals. Many have given more than once. We are thrilled with that show of support.

To take this to the finish line, we need additional funding. Remember, none of us other than the professional experts we have retained receives any compensation. We are all volunteers. If we didn’t see victory in sight, we would not be asking. Our progress with your help has been thrilling. We now need to finish the job.