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Your Help is Urgently Needed


The public process of Stock Development’s requests for a change in the Collier County Land Development and for rezoning of his property is about to resume (after the Neighborhood Information Meeting (NIM) held last March.

In the next several months (no confirmed date yet) the Collier County planning staff will submit its report to the County planning Commission.  Save Vanderbilt Beach has been in constant communication with the staff, providing input and submitting, with the encouragement of the staff, a proposal that would bring One Naples into compatibility with the neighborhood. The submission is in two parts, a Cover Letter and a Compatibility Policy and Standards exhibit. You can see both below.

Cover Letter

Compatibility Policy and Standards

We are told that the planning staff’s report will recommend approval of the project subject to as many as sixteen conditions that are meant to bring it more into line with the current C-3 zoning. We don’t know if our approach is represented in any way in that report.



Donations Needed Now


Many thanks to the more than thirty-five percent of our registrants who have donated to SVB. Your funds have allowed us to employ the planner who, working with our traffic consultant, prepared the submission referred to above, an attorney to take our case to the Planning Commission and the County Commissioners, a public relations firm to keep our website and Facebook page up to date, and artists and architects to create renderings and models of our understanding of the One Naples project based on Stock filings.

Stock Renderings – What to Know


Stock recently made available their own renderings of the project which, we believe, are designed to show it in a positive light. Here are several examples:

The red circle is ours, to help the viewer understand where the development is located.

Again, we have inserted a circle to help identify the project.

These two views are examples that, in SVB’s opinion, understate the impact of the project close up. Here’s another.

If you look very closely, you can see how large these towers are as compared to the 12-story Beachmoor Building located across the street.  It’s the charcoal and tan building to the left of the towers, and it is dwarfed.

Some of the closer up renderings never show the full height of the towers which extend to sixteen stories, 208-feet in height.  By way of example:

Or this one.

See all that green behind the driveway on the right, the palm trees and the green landscaping behind them.  They cover a 35-foot high wall setback 15-feet from the sidewalk that extends about 700 feet along Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive.

As Frank Lloyd Wright observed, “The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his client to plant vines…”


We’d like to show you our less complimentary viewing angles, but we can’t.

That’s right. Censored! It appears that Stock was so concerned about our images which are substantively accurate that he had his law firm send us a demand that we “cease and desist” from publishing them. (A link to the letter appears below.)

To be clear, our renderings were produced from information that was provided to Collier County as part of Stock’s application process. Those filings are public information, and are available on the County’s website.

Our renderings are fully to scale, represent the exact location of proposed buildings as well as their mass, height, and location relative to existing structures in the area and are based on filings at the time they were drawn.

Since that time, Stock has provided us with additional information in the form of his own renderings which provided us with some additional information.

We are making minor changes to our renderings based on that new information. We are choosing not to show the landscaping Stock proposes as our intent is and has always to show how the project fits in with the Vanderbilt Beach neighborhood, particularly in terms of its scale, mass and density.

Recognizing Stock’s interest in providing a quality project for his prospective buyers, we have always believed that he would use high quality materials, etc. Because we did not have information about the actual design of the exteriors of the buildings, we show only a general, stylized, exterior of typical residential structures. In fact, our 3-D model of the project and the surrounding neighborhood shows little or no exterior detail at all, intending only to illustrate mass and scale.

We hope, at some future time, with the proper disclaimers, we will be able to show you our renderings.

(Link to letter)

We weren’t planning on having to defend ourselves from lawsuits. That costs money for attorneys who are not simply familiar with land use matters, but who have expertise in First Amendment rights and litigation.




One Naples is to be built on approximately 5.42 acres. Of that, Stock purchased approximately 4.6 acres from private owners for a cost of approximately $19,000,000. The final .8 acres are roads and alleyways that must be vacated by Collier County and ceded to Stock.

From a legal advisory of the Florida Attorney General (Advisory Legal Opinion – AGO 78-118) In Florida, a county is statutorily authorized in the sound discretion of the board of county commissioners to close and vacate dedicated roads and streets designated on a recorded subdivision plat. Such authority must be lawfully exercised in the interest of the general public welfare and may not invade or violate individual property rights. Upon lawful vacation thereof the abutting fee owners hold the title in fee simple to the vacated roadways or streets to the center thereof unburdened and unencumbered by the public’s prior easement to use such roadways or streets for travel.

What does this mean to One Naples?

In the plan below, the heavy black lines are the boundaries of Stock’s property on which he will develop One Naples EXCEPT THAT HE DOES NOT OWN THE HATCHED AREAS OUTLINED IN RED. They are the roadways that must be vacated for Stock to have the use of that land. If the commissioners approve the vacation, they are, in effect, giving Stock the land.

Above, we stated that these roadways contained approximately .8 acre.  An acre contains 43,560 square feet.  .8 acre contains 34,848 square feet.  The approximately 4.6 acres that Stock purchased from private owners contain 200,376 square feet.  The purchase price was approximately $19,000,000.  If we divide $19,000,000 by 200,376, we get the approximate price Stock paid for each square foot of property.  That figure is $94.82.

It follows, then, that the value of the land in the vacated roadways is $94.82 times 34,848 square feet or $3,304,347. 

That’s the taxpayers’ gift to Stock.  Is that right?  Did you authorize the gift?  Should our County Commissioners be giving away our land?

WRITE YOUR COMMISSIONERS AND TELL THEM, “NO!”  Here’s a link where you can write them.

Fighting this development is every one of our jobs.

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Along with the normal help of experts in planning, traffic, land use law and public relations people, we no need the services of attorneys who have expertise in First Amendment law and litigation. Our preliminary budget for the normal consultants was about $75,000, and we have almost reached that figure. Now, we need more, perhaps as much as $25,000 more. That’s a lot of money, but we’re a large neighborhood, and we all recognize just how important it is to have reasonable development at such an important corner. Even if you have given before, please consider an additional gift. Thank You!


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