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The Final Push

The Board of County Commissioners will meet in January to hear arguments for and against Stock’s plan for One Naples Development at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive.  We intend to continue our unrelenting opposition and are encouraged by more and more individuals and organizations joining our efforts.  We have prepared an Executive Summary of our position and it is available for your review on the SVB website.

This summary has received the support of the Vanderbilt Residents Association, the Pelican Bay Property Owners Association, the Naples Park Area Association, the Regatta, the Trieste, and others.

As you might expect, it is no small task to get everybody pulling in the same direction but when the stakes are this high, our supporters numbering in the thousands have  put aside their personal agendas and rallied to a position common to us all…defeat this over-reaching and ill-conceived proposal!

Moving Forward

We must now move forward with continued effort and diligence for The Final Push.  Our incredible team of experts will be in the lead, but we need to take our opposition to the next level by bringing public opinion to bear.  We must convince the County Commissioners to deny Stock’s plan as proposed.  And by “Commissioners,” we mean all five!  Commissioner Solis who represents District 2, where the property is located, and who has historically voted with developers, has never seen an outcry from his constituents such as the one in opposition to One Naples.  Nor, quite frankly, have the other Commissioners.

Also, historically, Commissioners tend to vote with the Commissioner in whose district a property is located.  We’d like to rely on Commissioner Solis voting against the amendment to the Growth Management Plan that Stock seeks, and then counting on the other…

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An Executive Summary has been prepared to share


Stock Development’s One Naples Project Fails to Get Approval by Collier County Planning Commissioner – Now to the Collier County Commissioners

Stock Development failed to obtain a recommendation of approval from the Collier County Planning Commission of its plan for One Naples at Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive at the November 5th meeting.

After three sessions of hearings, lasting more than twenty total hours, motions to recommend approval of a change to the Growth Management Plan and for a modified rezoning/development plan, failed on a tie, vote, 3 -3.

The meeting began on an unusual note in which Chairman, Mr. Fryer, removed himself from the proceedings on the advice of the County Attorney after Stock’s attorney, Richard Yovanovich,  objected to Mr. Fryer hearing the matter based upon Mr. Fryer  handing out a table he had prepared from previous testimony  and evidence showing setbacks and heights of existing neighborhood buildings.

The final day of hearing public testimony, from seven speakers representing Save Vanderbilt Beach Inc, an 1,100-member not-for-profit supporting reasonable development, as well as speakers representing the 950 member Vanderbilt Beach Residents Association, the Regatta, and the Pelican Bay Property Owners Association.

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What's Next?

It's All About the County Commissioners

The Comprehensive Plan Amendment Needed For One Naples is Now a Public Engagement Campaign


Now that the Planning Commission has done its work – or not done its work depending on how one looks at it – our focus turns to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). The five members of the Board represent the five Districts of Collier County. (You can see the Commissioners and their Districts here: The recent election will see District 1’s Commissioner Fiala, who is retiring after twenty years, replaced by Rick LoCastro. Otherwise, the Commissioners remain the same, both McDaniel and Saunders having won their election, and the others whose terms continue.

All of our efforts going forward will be focused on convincing the County Commissioners that they have no real choice but to deny the project as it is currently proposed. You and we must now take our case to the public countywide. While the Commissioners have their focus on their own districts, we must convince them that, as we fully understand, this is a matter of interest to the whole County. Not only does it impact a public beach that is utilized and enjoyed by residents of all the county, but with the increasing concern of the county’s residents about growth that is out of control, the decision made in regard to One Naples sets the tone for the acceptance of unreasonable development everywhere.

So, what’s the plan? While aspects of it are currently being formulated, it will include virtual townhall meetings where, through press releases, advertising, social; media, and other sources, we invite the whole County to participate and to learn how they can Save Collier County from Unreasonable Growth. We will plan physical well-choreographed, social-distanced demonstrations in venues that are seen by the Commissioners, and that lend themselves to press coverage. We ask you now, and will continue to ask you to contact the Commissioners by email, by telephone, and in person to make you opposition known. Our success in front of the Planning Commission was due in no small part by the fact that the Commissioners received many hundreds of emails from you.

Members of all our affiliated organizations will be scheduling individual meetings with each commissioner to bring our case to them.

The Commissioners Have the Fate of One Naples In Their Hands

That’s right. It is up to the Commissioners to vote on the three matters that comprise Stock Development’s application. There are:

  1. 1. The amendment to the County’s Growth Management Plan (GMP)
  2. The rezoning of the property
  3. The vacation of .7 acres of County-owned land that are now roads and alleyways in favor of the developer. (See: “A gift for the developer”)

The first of these, the amendment to the GMP, creates a special sub-district that specifically covers just the 5.42 acres of the One Naples project. It defines the allowable density, that is, the number of residences allowed in the sub-district as well as certain other parameters that will grant to the sub-district concessions not otherwise available under the Code. In short, it’s the underpinning of the zoning request that follows. Because changing the GMP, often thought of as the County’s master plan, is so important, it takes a vote of a super majority of the County Commissioners, that is, four of the five Commissioners must vote yes. If the amendment does not pass, the rezoning cannot take place and One Naples, in its current configuration, is dead. WE JUST NEED TWO VOTES.

The second of these, the rezoning, is the3 vote that allows Stock to develop what has been presented to the County in his site plan and similar submissions. That includes building placement and building heights, or looked at another way, the setbacks, open space or the lack thereof, the shape and mass of the structures, their heights, etc. These are the issues that were most discussed before the Planning Commission, and about which we have grave concern. The Commissioners have three options. They can approve Stock’s plan as presented. They can approve the plan with conditions. For example, they can approve it if the height of the buildings is reduced by some amount or if setbacks are increased, etc. Finally, they can simply deny the plan.


After consulting with our planners, attorneys, and other experts, and after the results of the Planning Commission hearings, we have concluded that the best option is for us to fully support the position laid out by the Collier County Planning Staff. Their position is to support the Stock development with these conditions: Reduce the building height from 208 feet to 76 feet or to a maximum of 125 feet if the buildings are redesigned in a “wedding cake” fashion where setbacks increase with the height. And, the setbacks required would be 25 feet unless the developer will redesign with commercial space facing Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive at ground level.

With no recommendation from the Planning Commission, the County Commissioners are “on their own.” They have no one “covering their back” as they make their decision. The Staff’s recommendations provide that cover. Further, by focusing our support on the Staff’s work, and not confusing the Board with lots of extraneous matters, we blunt Stock’s expert testimony that is designed to sow confusion and distraction.

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We have now raised in excess of $100,000, from about four hundred of you. Many of you have given more than once. We never could have imagined this level of support. It’s just great. Unfortunately, we could never have imagined how much it would cost to be able to go toe to toe with Stock’s experts. WE have a long way to go. To those of you who have not given, please consider doing so. To those of you who have, thank you. We publish our financials monthly in an effort to be fully transparent. We will continue to do so in order to provide you with comfort that your investment in SVB is being properly shepherded.


IMPORTANT Please sign the on-line petition that we will present at the Board of County Commissioners public hearing. We have more than 1,100 people who have signed on to the website, but about 700 who have signed our petition. We need to do better. If you have not signed, please do so now. We are working closely with the Pelican Bay Property Owners Association and they, too have a petition. So far, they have more than 2,500 signers. Let’s catch up. If you have signed, but other members of your household have not, please have them do so now. Time is running out. Just click the button below. Thank you!

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