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Member Advisory Groups

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As Save Vanderbilt Beach Inc has grown and our activities have expanded, we find ourselves in need of additional support. To solve that problem, we are in the process of creating several Member Advisory Groups. We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer some time, and who may have some specific expertise in the various areas in which we are active.

We hope to identify a Chairperson for each of the four groups we are establishing who will work with our current Board members and will organize and direct their group’s efforts.

You may select one or more groups in which you have an interest. As part of the process, we’d like you to tell us a bit about yourself. This need not be your full resume, but just enough to give us an insight about why you have chosen your particular group. You will find specifics about each group’s activities and a form to fill out below.

Advisory Groups

(1) Community Relations Group:
The Community Relations Group will focus on extending the reach of Save Vanderbilt Beach. Through personal contact, social media and other outreach, we hope to expand our membership both numerically and geographically. Our mission, remember, is not only to protect the residents of the Vanderbilt Beach and Naples Park neighborhoods, but also to protect all of Collier County’s residents who are users of Vanderbilt Beach. As we increasingly focus on the political,
goals for the Group include increasing membership from the 800+ people who have signed on so far to 1,000 by the middle of August. To date, more than 350 people have signed our on-line petition. Our goal is to at least double that number in the same timeframe. We have set a fundraising goal as well. We’d like to surpass our original goal of $50,000, and reach $75,000 by September 1st.
Community Relations Group

(2) Government Relations:
In recent conversations with Stock, unless he makes and abrupt turn, it is more and more likely that he will stick with his current still unacceptable plan. That fact changes, to some degree, the emphasis of SVB. While we will continue the dialogue with Stock, we must now focus more on achieving success when Stock’s submission comes before the County Commissioners.

We must assure ourselves that the County planning staff recommends denial of Stock’s application to the planning Commission, and that the Planning Commission in turn recommends a denial to the County Board of Commissioners. If the Commissioners approve the project over these recommendations, we have ground for suit. But the better course is to sway at least two of the Commissioners to vote “no.” To this end, it will be the work of the Government Relations Group to research the backgrounds of elected and appointed officials, note their terms in office, identify voting history; look for possible strategies to sway votes, and to to publish on SVB Website any and all findings so as to inform our members. Direct contact with appropriate officials will also be the work of this group.
Government Relations

(3) Member Services:
We believe that, from time to time it will be appropriate to poll the membership about specific issues. This Group will be responsible for designing and implementing these surveys. The day to day activities of supporting members will also be the job of this group. Answering questions, responding to emails, making lawn signs available, shipping tee shirts, hats, and other merchandise will be part of the activity as well. Along with this, general member communications, primarily via email will be overseen by this group.
Member Services

(4) Public Relations:
We will soon be availing ourselves of the services of a professional public relations consultant. Part of his task will be to direct some of the activities of this group. Communication with all forms of media, printed press, radio, TV, etc., disseminating updates on our activities via press release and other means, and general publicity will be the job of this Group. This Group will also be tasked with identifying other community organizations with goals similar to ours, deciding if there is a reason to affiliate or cross promote with them, and facilitating that activity.
Public Relations

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