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Censored by Stock Development – Now Playing Hardball

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That’s right. Censored! It appears that Stock was so concerned about our images which are substantively accurate that he had his law firm send us a demand that we “cease and desist” from publishing them. (A link to the letter appears below.)

To be clear, our renderings were produced from information that was provided to Collier County as part of Stock’s application process. Those filings are public information, and are available on the County’s website. Our renderings are fully to scale, represent the exact location of proposed buildings as well as their mass, height, and location relative to existing structures in the area and are based on filings at the time they were drawn.

Since that time, Stock has provided us with additional information in the form of his own renderings which provided us with some additional information.

We are making minor changes to our renderings based on that new information. We are choosing not to show the landscaping Stock proposes as our intent is and has always to show how the project fits in with the Vanderbilt Beach neighborhood, particularly in terms of its scale, mass and density.

Recognizing Stock’s interest in providing a quality project for his prospective buyers, we have always believed that he would use high quality materials, etc. Because we did not have information about the actual design of the exteriors of the buildings, we show only a general, stylized, exterior of typical residential structures. In fact, our 3-D model of the project and the surrounding neighborhood shows little or no exterior detail at all, intending only to illustrate mass and scale.

We hope, at some future time, with the proper disclaimers, we will be able to show you our renderings.  (Link to letter)

We weren’t planning on having to defend ourselves from lawsuits. That costs money for attorneys who are not simply familiar with land use matters, but who have expertise in First Amendment rights and litigation.