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Conclusions from Greg Stuart – Expert Planner on One Naples

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It is the authors opinion that approval of the subject One Naples FLUM Amendment and companion Planned Development zoning is not logically supported by data, analysis and accepted professional land use principles and practices.

The application did not perform accurate and requisite analyses as per 163.3177(6). Information including a factual neighborhood building height study, other neighborhood planning studies, architectural elevations, streetscape and waterfront cross-sections is required to establish community character and neighborhood compatibility findings. The application did not provide meaningful justification.

An approval of the March 27, 2020 application will not be logical, predictable and fair. It is factually evident that project’s Master Concept Plan and accompanying density increase, building height increase and reduced development standards will not be compatible with, and complementary to the surrounding land uses, as set forth in the Land Development Code and in violation of Policy 5.6.

The amendment and zoning are internally inconsistent with 8 objectives and policies of the Collier Growth Management Plan and Land Use element and in violation with FSS 163.3177(2). The map amendment and zoning violate professional fairness principles and planning practices by granting a unique and special privilege to the applicant that other Gulf Shore Drive owners may or may not enjoy, or that will be used for future Gulf Shore Drive density increase requests.

The application is not necessary and fails to demonstrate any type of land use planning deficiency which it is intended to address.