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Condo Towers Near Beach “Too Much”

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Letter to the editor in May 28 Naples Daily News

Thank you, Save Vanderbilt Beach, for sharing with your neighborhood (word about) the disaster that awaits if the One Naples building cluster is allowed to change the zoning requirements at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive, adjacent to the small beach park (in North Naples). Think traffic, traffic, traffic.

Your diagrams of how the two (proposed) 16-story buildings (14 stories plus two floors of parking) would stand on less than 6 acres of property, along with five or seven low-rise condos, an office-restaurant, a marina store, gas dock for 100 slips and parking, were illuminating and caused me to send in a donation immediately.

Of course, the original zoning for low-rise commercial or restaurant business, with airy space around it, would have to be changed first.

The One Naples site owner has threatened, if the zoning is not changed,

to sell the property to a commercial developer. Well, good; then the property would be developed as the market dictates. (Does anyone really believe a movie theater or gas station would be built there, as also threatened, when both already exist nearby at U.S. 41?) If you think this project is too much, on too little, act now. The zoning change might start in June or July. Call the county commissioners, planning boards, your local condo board, and look at the website

The property value you save might be your own.

Maureen Trerice, North Naples