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Introduction to March 27 Revisions to One Naples for Vanderbilt Beach Area

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From a review of the 03/27/20 One Naples project’s Mixed Use Development Performance Standards and Master Concept Plan (see pg. 3 table), project development standards and general observations are as follows:

  1. A 198% property density increase, from 87 to 172 total units
  2. A 182% zoning building height increase, from 100-ft to 182-ft.
  3. A 60% + front and side setback reduction, from 1/2 building height to 10 to 25-ft.
  4. From 30% to 15% project open space standard (includes roof top open space)
  5. From min. 25-ft waterfront setback to a zero-ft waterfront setback
  6. The application’s Master Concept Plan and analysis does not include waterfront marina design information and plans for the requested 55 to 99 boat slip private/public marina; the MCP and Application does not take into account any associated marina to project and neighbors uses and user impacts
  7. The application’s MCP and development standards does not include adequate Vanderbilt Beach Rd and Gulf Shore Dr streetscape design standards and marina standards, including pedestrian, service, parking and circulation, landscaping, lighting, signage and other design standards.
  8. The application does not provide any Gulf Shore Dr and Vanderbilt Beach Rd pedestrian and streetscape analysis and design standards to ameliorate potential 40-ft tall garage with 15-ft setback impacts. The application does not include any measurable architectural designs for the March 2020 site plan and its four requested buildings; the 525-ft long +/- 87-ft tall waterfront building presents height, mass, bulk and setback issues
  9. The application fails to provide architectural elevations and streetscape cross section plan graphics for the LDC 5.05.08.D.3.c.i. deviation, to not require a “Transitional Massing Element” for the 40-ft tall parking garage podium structure along Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive

The application requests that development standards should be relaxed for the purpose of obtaining flexibility in site redevelopment. The application asks that the project’s development standards should be treated similar in manner to a community redevelopment project (see “all costs are borne by the developer, without the incentives and relaxations typically afforded a CRA” Application Justification pdf pg. 4.)

Collier Co. Policy 4.8 delegates all redevelopment plans solely to the County Commission. The BOCC has never designated the site for redevelopment. So this line of argument is specious.

The application puts forward its case justification by arguing that the mixed-use planned development and marina will lead to better neighborhood conditions and impacts when compared to existing C-3 zoning.