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Notwithstanding that in a survey, 92% of the citizens demanded that District 2 Commissioner Andy Solis vote NO on One Naples, he voted YES.  We knew then that his time as a commissioner must come to an end, and we have dedicated ourselves to that mission.

We have identified a wonderful candidate to oppose Andy in 2022 and she needs the support of all of us both in the voting booth in 2022 and financially RIGHT NOW.

Nancy Lewis

First, an introduction…

Nancy Lewis is a 30-year resident of Naples who, in her affiliation with the Pelican Bay Property Owners Association, worked tirelessly with SVB to fight the One Naples development.  Nancy was on every Zoom call, wrote and/or edited many communications that supported our cause, provided our leadership with support and many of the strategic ideas that we implemented.  During the more than a year we worked closely together we gained an increasing respect and regard for her many talents.  She is well spoken, is deeply knowledgeable about Collier County, is very bright and dedicated, is not afraid of a fight, and is dedicated to making Collier County the best possible place to live and work.  We were thrilled when she agreed to take up the challenge and run as a Republican for Commissioner of District 2.

But don’t take our word for it, read for yourself Nancy’s own words.

I am a 30-year resident of Naples who moved here to provide my children with a better quality of life. It was love at first sight… pristine beaches, clean fresh air, clean water, beautiful landscape, lots of open space, wildlife, and parks galore!

In that time, I have seen many changes with exponential growth and development, to the point that the urban areas of Collier County are losing their green sustainability and sustainable economic growth.

To put it bluntly, our local government is not being good stewards of our land and its natural resources, nor is it listening to the will of the people.

We are at the crossroads of Collier County becoming a metropolis and are now facing numerous quality of life challenges from environmental (red tide, blue/green algae, water conservation, etc.), to aging infrastructure with limited and/no expansion space in urban Collier County that is causing major traffic congestion, frustrated drivers and hazardous safety issues.

Our voice on issues impacting our quality of life have fallen on deaf ears.

I support long term sustainable economic growth and development that does not impact the existing social, environmental, and cultural aspects of Collier County.

I am passionate about:

  • Truth & Transparency, Government Accountability, Sustainable Growth
  • ‘True’ Fiscal Neutrality… not the current methodology being used in favor of developers, placing an undue burden on the taxpayers
  • A complete review of the current Comprehensive Plan
  • A complete review of the Long Range Transportation Plan (We need to stop putting the cart before the horse… our infrastructure cannot not handle the existing demand and with what has just been approved, the traffic on Immokalee and Vanderbilt Beach Roads is expected get 162% worse.)
  • Stopping egregious deviations in the existing Growth Management Plan that do not FULLY meet the intent of the Land Development Code.
  • Advocating for more affordable housing
  • Changing the culture of County Staff’s work environment to promote truth and transparency

But, most importantly, I am passionate about being your voice!

I want to know what is important to YOU …

What quality of life issues do you see as important and in need of being addressed?  Contact me at: Make a “Contact” button


COMPLETE THE PETITION. Click Here for Petition

You must be a registered voter .  You can be a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent – signing this petition does not obligate you to vote for Nancy (But we hope you will!) It only allows Nancy to run without having to pay a $5000.00 fee for the opportunity.  We need 700 signed petitions in the next 30 days.  Two copies are provided.  Please print and sign one and give the other to a spouse, partner, friend or neighbor.  Signatures must be original.   Make copies if you would like and encourage others to sign.  Petitions can be mailed to:

Nancy Lewis for Commissioner

10102 Regent Circle

Naples, FL 34109


Dropped off at either of these two locations:

800 Slashpine Ct. (34108) , Pelican Bay


10102 Regent Circle 34109


Nancy will be happy to pick them up from wherever you are, giving you an opportunity to meet her personally.  Contact her at:



Friends and Family have already donated nearly $15,000 to assure that Nancy is our next Commissioner.  Your help is urgently needed.  Undoubtedly there are others who are considering running although we believe that Nancy is the best possible candidate.  By having a real war chest now, we can discourage those others and reduce the funds that must be paid for a successful primary run so that they can be available for the general election.  We believe that the total cost of the campaign will be in excess of $100,000.  You have done it before.  Together we can do it again.

The maximum contribution per person allowed for the primary is $1,000.00.

Certainly, that is out of reach for some, but for those who can give at that level, please consider this important gift.

A gift of any amount is welcome, of course.  We want to have $50,000 in the bank by July 1st.

Here’s how to give:

Give online here: 


Send your check payable to Nancy Lewis for County Commissioner to:

Nancy Lewis for Commissioner

10102 Regent Circle

Naples, FL 34109