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Letter from Vanderbilt Beach Resident’s Association, Inc.

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Dear Commissioners, February 22nd 2021
We are writing to you to please think of our Vanderbilt Beach neighborhood, and consider the impact that an approval of the One Naples project will do to our neighborhood’s future.

Initially, please note that we strongly support the positions taken by “Save Vanderbilt Beach” and request that you deny the pending applications.

If you approve the “Growth Management Plan Amendment” and rezoning request, we believe that it will open up the floodgates to requests by others to allow development along both sides of Gulf Shore Drive, that will result in the “canyonization” of Gulf Shore Drive.

‘We are gravely concerned that if the One Naples proposals are approved, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the Board of County Commissioners in the future to deny similar projects, and in essence the Board will have no choice but to approve such developments, no matter the height or lack of setbacks.

This “Growth Management Plan Amendment” is a Carte Blanche to developers to rebuild Vanderbilt Beach in the image of Miami Beach.

As you are aware, we of the Vanderbilt Beach Residents Association, Inc., have spent countless hours and many dollars to institute the Vanderbilt Beach Residential Tourist Overlay (‘VBRTP,”) to guide responsible development and re-development in our neighborhood. So you will not only be amending our “Growth Management Plan,” approval of the One Naples project will, in our opinion, lay the groundwork for the erosion and ultimate elimination of the protections in the VBRTQ to the detriment of the Vanderbilt Beach community, and residents of Collier County

Please consider the impact of your choices at the upcoming special meeting to consider the One Naples Project, and we respectfully request that you deny the pending applications.

David Galloway, President
cc: Anthony Pires
Kathleen R. Robbins, Treasurer