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Letter to Commissioners – Julie Wyman

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Brian Stock of Stock Development continues to compare his OneNaples to Pelican Bay — across the street — but a world apart. These two developments just are not comparable. Here’s why:

  1. The Pelican Bay towers, specifically the Ritz, Remington and Trieste, across the street from OneNaples are surrounded by acres and acres of ‘green space,’ lakes, marshes, flowers and trees. OneNaples towers will be surrounded by concrete and asphalt.
  2. All Pelican Bay towers have private beach access. OneNaples towers own no private beach access and the 344 +/- owners/renters together with their many guests will overwhelm Vanderbilt Beach “The People’s Beach”
  3. OneNaples is a total of 5.4 acres… of course that is only if Collier County ‘gifts’ Stock with .79 acres of taxpayers’ roads. (Land valued at $3.4M)
  4. Pelican Bay is a total of 2,100 acres; 530 acres of which are designated ‘green space’ and 77 acres of which were given to Collier County: 1.69 acres for the Vanderbilt Beach Branch Library; 3.63 acres for the North Collier Fire rescue, Sheriff’s Station and Emergency Services; 15 acres to create Pelican Bay Community Public Park with tennis courts, large open field, etc.; 40 acres of Clam Pass Beachfront which is now a Collier County Beach Park; 12 acres for Collier County Utilities AND … at the end of Vanderbilt Beach Road — 5 acres of a beautiful stretch of beachfront property which is now the famous “Vanderbilt Beach” which includes land for the parking garage! That’s right, Pelican Bay owned this land and it is now “The People’s Beach” and one of the most popular beach accesses in Collier County! Recently along a stretch of Vanderbilt Beach Road, Collier County, using tax dollars, extended existing bike lanes further Westward heading to Vanderbilt Beach!
  5. Instead of Stock ‘gifting’ anything to Collier County, Stock wants ‘gifts’ from Collier County such as:

(a) Stock requests a change from Commercial Zoning to Residential Zoning — this would have a huge negative impact on the quality of life of the neighborhood and of Collier County. When Stock purchased this property he knew it was zoned Commercial.

(b) Stock requests a ‘gift’ from Collier County of .79 acres of taxpayers’ roads (approximately $4.3M in land value) so he has one whole piece of property for his two massive 184′ skyscrapers. When Stock purchased this property he knew he was purchasing ‘pieces’ of property divided by County roads.

(c) Stock requests ‘gifts’ of increased building heights, greater density, reduced easements and minimal setbacks so his two 184′ towers can be built as close to the intersection of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Blvd. as he can get so as not to spare any speck of land. BTW the tower directly across the street from OneNaples is 127′ high and also in the Vanderbilt Beach neighborhood.

6. The proposed residential OneNaples in the Vanderbilt Beach neighborhood is neither a good ‘fit’ nor consistent with the Growth Management Plan. The Vanderbilt Beach neighborhood is not comparable to the Pelican Bay neighborhood. The OneNaples property should remain commercial and provide nearby shops, restaurants and services for the neighborhood as well as for the enjoyment of all Collier County residents and visitors .. as it was intended…. that is why it is zoned COMMERCIAL. Nearby residents and hotel guests could walk or bike to the restaurants and shops. It would be another lovely Naples waterfront ‘destination’ … with the public Vanderbilt Beach and public access to Vanderbilt Lagoon and a marina — all in one area. Without excessive pollution runoff of an outrageously massive residential development, a safer environment will be provided for the marine wildlife of Vanderbilt Lagoon. No matter what, Stock should be required to ‘gift’ Collier County with the water frontage for a ***”Collier County Vanderbilt Lagoon Park.” Collier County residents and visitors would have a ‘waterfront’ access experience at the Vanderbilt Lagoon — instead of blocking off this “Florida Coastal Treasure” forever for the private use of a privileged few. Children could have all kinds of unique water experiences, water enjoyment, learn boating safety and get up close and learn to respect Florida waters and marine life…. it all awaits at the Vanderbilt Lagoon.

Please think about the future of all Collier County and consider carefully the long-term negative ramifications of this massive OneNaples residential project and over-development not just in North Naples, but spewing out into other County districts as well.

Please do the right thing for all citizens of Collier County .. VOTE …NO TO ONENAPLES — KEEP THE LAND COMMERCIAL

Thank you very much,
Julie Wyman
North Naples
***The Master Plan of the Collier County Parks & Recreation is to provide the County’s residents with unique recreation experiences, enhance the quality of our natural environment and attract visitors to the County, thereby contributing to local tourism and economic development. A Mission of Collier County is to optimize its existing parks and recreation assets and set priorities to acquire future park assets to ensure that Collier County’s legacy of parks and open spaces will continue well into the future.