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Meeting Date Set – New Meeting Venue Needed

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MARCH 1, 2021, 8:00AM Collier County Office Building
Mark your calendar now

New Meeting Venue Needed

In a special meeting, held on December 15, 2020, the Collier County Commissioners determined the date and location of the One Naples hearing.

Discussion was held regarding the location of the hearing with options being St John the Evangelist Church on 111th Avenue, the North Collier County Regional Park on Livingston Road, and the County office building, where the commissioners traditionally meet.

All of the Commissioners acknowledged that the turn out for this hearing was going to be unusually large and cumbersome, with COVID-distancing requirements to hold the meeting at the County office building, but there was a concern on the part of several commissioners that if one of the other options was used, it would not have adequate IT capability to handle virtual attendees, live TV, etc.

A motion was made by Commissioner McDaniel to hold the meeting at the County office building and the motion carried in a three to two vote with Commissioners Taylor and LoCastro voting no.

All Commissioners vowed that everyone wanting to be heard would be heard. Staff was directed to figure out the logistics.

Holding the meeting at the Commissioner’s office building puts us at a disadvantage in our effort to influence the Commissioners’ vote on One Naples. Our hope is that the Commissioners will reconsider their decision for the safety and security of the residents and easier flow for speaker impact.
Once again, we need your help, calling or writing the Commissioners. We have created a new letter that you can send specifically requesting a different meeting venue. With one click, you can send a letter to all the Commissioners. Or, you can call each Commissioners’ office at the phone numbers provided below.

On a related matter, we hope that you have seen our communications regarding The Final Push, our intensive multi-pronged plan to convince the Commissioners to deny Stock’s request for a change in the County’s Growth Management Plan. If you have not learned about it, read the story below.