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Naples Daily News – First look: Stock Development unveils architectural drawings for One Naples, controversy remains

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A proposed development on Vanderbilt Beach is causing waves in a community and possibly casting a shadow onto it too.

“One Naples” is the condo complex Stock Development is hoping to build on the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulfshore Drive in Collier County.
Stock Development has released its first architectural renderings of the controversial One Naples project in North Naples.

The developer has shared the drawings with both supporters and opponents to better demonstrate the vision for the nearly 6-acre property, which sits steps from Vanderbilt Beach.

With the new visuals Stock hopes to allay neighborhood concerns about height and density — and build community support for the mostly residential development, as it nears its first regulatory hurdle with strong opposition.

The project is expected to go before Collier County’s Planning Commission for its first official public hearing by September. It’s still under review by county staff.

“We don’t have all the sign-offs yet, but I think we’re close,” said Brian Stock, co-owner and CEO of Stock Development.

At a required neighborhood information meeting in March, some opponents criticized the developer for not having detailed renderings for the luxury resort-style community so far into the project review process. One of those angry opponents waved a black-and-white sketch in the air that she asked an architect to draft for her to show a perspective, suggesting the project’s high-rise towers would create an unsightly canyon-like effect no one would want in their backyard.

Stock Development first proposed One Naples in 2017, but went back to the drawing board after facing opposition.

Here’s a rendering for One Naples project provided by its developer, Stock Development.

The developer didn’t produce or share architectural renderings sooner because the project has continued to evolve based on the many meetings it’s had with the neighbors over the past few years to get their input, Stock said.

“We’ve had more than 50 meetings, so far, with all the surrounding neighbors, just to try to be a good neighbor and work with them and understand their concerns,” he said.Before the developer unveiled the renderings last week, opponents circulated some of their own, showing towers rising out of a massive windowless base.

The developer’s versions show a much more beautiful view from the street and from overhead, including well-designed and eye-pleasing landscaping that creates a softer look and shields it from the surrounding neighborhood.

The drawings also show improvements in setbacks from the road, as well as the decorative paver sidewalks and green bike paths Stock has agreed to add around the project — and the fancy, decorative waterfall and artwork that would sit at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive.

With landscaping that’s denser than it is at neighboring developments, One Naples will be more hidden from passersby who are walking, driving or pedaling by it, with its parking garages concealed from the road, Stock said.

“We fit in,” he said. “We look good in the neighborhood and we are compatible.”