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Update on Planning Commission Meeting October 1

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We have been working closely with the head of the Collier County Planning Department and the Chairman of the Planning Commission on ways to guarantee that the message of Save Vanderbilt Beach regarding the One Naples development is best heard and considered by the Commission.

SVB has engaged three experts.  Greg Stuart. Planner; Bill Oliver, Traffic Engineer; Daniel Trescott, Coastal High Hazard Consultant.  These three individuals will cover quite a bit of territory.  Portions of Greg Stuart’s presentation are available on the Save Vanderbilt Beach website at these links:


You will see that Greg covers all issues of density, height, mass, setbacks, etc.  Bill Oliver’s presentation take issue with the traffic studies done by the developer, pointing out the dangers of the site’s design, and the traffic impacts on neighboring neighborhoods.
Daniel Trescott will be pointing out the developer’s lack of concern for the dangers of hurricanes and the required mitigation by the State and other authorities.

Additionally, we have the services of two attorneys and ten additional individuals who  have studied One Naples, and the Collier County Staff Report, and who are well versed in specific areas.  These include: spot zoning, the requested road vacation  and the economic benefits conferred on the developer, analysis of the Neighborhood Information Meeting and the desires of the public, One Naples impacts on density and health, environmental issues, the request for a hotel use, C-3 zoning vs. the developer’s request, Trieste issues, setback/height, and the marina.  We believe that these are the most important and legally relevant issues to be brought to the commissioners’ attention, and that these issues will most directly refute the developer’s presentation.

In our discussions with the head of planning and the Chairman, we have been granted enough concentrated time to make our case.  But that time will be decreased if  an extraordinary number of  supporters sign up to speak at the meeting.  While I in no way want to preclude anyone from their right and recognized opportunity to address the Commissioners, I would like to ask that, if you think that your comments will be repetitive, you respect the Commission’s time, and that you refrain from signing up to be a speaker and simply watch the proceedings.  The commissioners have received literally hundreds of letters from you and your neighbors and we will be pointing out that more than 650 individuals have signed our petition against the development in its current form, so the Commissioners clearly understand how many of us oppose the development.


If you must speak, here’s the link to sign up:

To view the proceedings, go to  Scroll down, and you will see three columns as shown below.

Note the third item down in the left “Stay Connected” column.  It says Collier TV Live.  Click on that link, and you will be watching the streaming proceedings.