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The Board of County Commissioners will meet March 1 at 9:00 AM, in the Commission Chambers to hear arguments for and against Stock’s plan for One Naples Development at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive. We intend to continue our unrelenting opposition and are encouraged by more and more individuals and organizations joining our efforts. We have prepared an Executive Summary of our position and it is available for your review on the SVB website.

This summary has received the support of the Vanderbilt Residents Association, the Pelican Bay Property Owners Association, the Naples Park Area Association, the Regatta, the Trieste, and others.

As you might expect, it is no small task to get everybody pulling in the same direction but when the stakes are this high, our supporters numbering in the thousands have put aside their personal agendas and rallied to a position common to us all…defeat this over-reaching and ill-conceived proposal!

Contact Your Commissioner

We must now move forward with continued effort and diligence for The Final Push.  Our incredible team of experts will be in the lead, but we need to take our opposition to the next level by bringing public opinion to bear.  We must convince the County Commissioners to deny Stock’s plan as proposed.

And by “Commissioners,” we mean all five!  Commissioner Solis who represents District 2, where the property is located, and who has historically voted with developers, has never seen an outcry from his constituents such as the one in opposition to One Naples.  Nor, quite frankly, have the other Commissioners.  Also, historically, Commissioners tend to vote with the Commissioner in whose district a property is located.

We’d like to rely on Commissioner Solis voting against the amendment to the Growth Management Plan that Stock seeks, and then counting on the other Commissioners to follow his lead, but we cannot.  We must actively pursue other strategies.

Here’s how you can help.

Commissioners have received an overwhelming communication about One Naples, and they are now trying to assess how much of it comes from their constituents.
It is imperative that we not only generate support from other Districts, but also that those who contact the Commissioners identify themselves as living in each respective Commissioner’s District.

If you have contacts who live outside of Andy Solis’ District, please ask them to write their own Commissioner expressing their concern that One Naples is a bellwether for growth throughout the County, and that it’s time for unrestrained growth to stop.

The opportunity to write each individual Commissioner is one click away at Contact the County Officials – savevanderbiltbeach. While there is a prewritten letter there, please edit it to reflect your thoughts, and be sure to indicate you reside in that Commissioner’s District.

Don’t Know Your Commissioner?

Here is a map of the Collier County Commission Districts