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WINK News – Developer releases new renderings of major residential project in North Naples

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The developers behind a controversial construction project in North Naples hope to win over some community support, and they’re trying to do it with their newly released renderings.

Many nearby community members are heated over seeing yet more high-rise buildings tower over the area and possibly block sunsets or lower property values. And, with the beach being a high draw, the developer said buyers are already interested in moving in.

“One Naples” hopes to rise up just steps from Vanderbilt Beach. It released new renderings for the major residential project.

“I think a lot of people, a lot of cars and a lot of traffic,” said Renee Bozzacco.

It’s not what Bozzacco wants to see invade her once peaceful neighborhood.

“Eighty-nine, I think we rented here,” Bozzacco said. “But it’s different today; it really is, and I miss what it was.”

Bozzacco and others fear the already busy Vanderbilt Beach will become busier now that a giant development is one step closer to moving in.

The architectural renderings of the “One Naples” project show a plan to transform nearly six acres by the beach. It would mean nearly 200 condos in towers 16 stories high.

Hundreds have shown up to past county meetings to fight against the project.

“The values of homes in that area will go down,” Bozzacco said.

But Stock Development’s vice president, Keith Gelder, believes it will mean the opposite for neighborhoods in the area.

“It’s a major improvement to the neighborhood,” Gelder said. “Right now, the property has been in a dilapidated condition for many, many years, so we believe that we’re bringing a really high-quality project.”

Some of the landscaping is adjusted in the new renderings. Still, more than 1,000 community members are petitioning against “One Naples” taking shape.

Stock Development said it’s planning for two stories of parking and plan to go before Collier County’s planning commission by September for a public hearing on the project. Most are hoping the developer downsizes.

“If the project doesn’t proceed as residential, it will most likely be developed as commercial, which has significantly more traffic,” Gelder said.